Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reviving Old Minis: Warmaster Bretonnian General

Another mini I recovered from old computer files, painted for Mark's Warmaster army.

Reviving Old Minis

Haven't painted in a while but cleaning some old computer files I came across images of my GW High Elves. These are part of the second 24AP of my Hordes of the Things High Elf army.

Elven Spear - counts as Spear in HotT

Reaper Multi-Bolt Thrower - counts as Artillery in HotT

Lion Warriors - counts as Warband in HotT

Lion Warriors detail shot of their pelts on their backs

Friday, March 11, 2016

Distractions: Bretonnian and la République

Been cranking on the Spider Riders trying to finish up the 10, and finding little side jobs to work on at the same time. Aside from the Super Dungeon Explore treasure chests, I put a Bretonnian standard bearer on my work bench and dusted off some Spartan Games ships from Dystopian Wars.

Bretonnian standard bearer started a couple years ago. Back on the workbench with a couple coats of shading ink. 

A batch of Republique of France ships from Dystopian Wars. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

COMPLETE: (!!!) Super Dungeon Explore Treasure Chests

Finished off 2 more SDE treasure chests - including a 4-eyed Mimic - and varnished some I had finished in the past. Got another 2 on the workbench.

I've also completed two more of Karl's Spider Riders so only seven more to go! Woo woo!