Friday, August 1, 2014

Axles & Alloys WIP - Sanctioned Car Warrior

This is the second vehicle I am converting for Axles & Alloys. It is a Hot Wheels model called Turbo Turret. As you can see, it already comes with guns on it - one on a swivel on top, and two molded into the body just above each rear wheel.

The original Hot Wheels model, with the decals removed. 
This is essentially a repaint and not so much a conversion. I glued the top gun in place (we haven't actually used any sort of turret rules), and glued the wheels in place. I plan on mounting all my vehicles on 1.5"x3" wood bases, similar to what Blake uses, so the wheels don't need to roll. This allows a player to place his model on an incline and keep it from actually rolling back down.

Then a coat of black primer:

I envision this as being driven by a sanctioned arena driver, so the paint job will be more refined, less rust-bucket looking, with perhaps some sponsor stickers or a racer number.

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