Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bushido Terrain - Progress

After dry brushing and allowing the bronze to dry, I used the Nihilakh Oxide and a detail brush to flow the paint into the crevices of the sculpture. I started around the face and neck, then moved outwards, letting the paint flow into the crevices. I mostly used it straight from the container, but did water it down here and there. I also wiped the paint off in some of the raised areas, whenever I felt it needed it. You can paint it over the entire model, essentially glazing it with the paint, but I still wanted some shining bronze showing through so I carefully applied it only to the recesses. Not sure if I will go back and dry brush some bronze on the areas where the Nihilakh Oxide obscures some of the raised area yet or not... I am probably overthinking it. LMK what you think:

The statue after dry brushing with Citadel's Nihilakh Oxide painted into the crevices.

The Nihilakh Oxide creates a pleasing and very believable patina or verdigris. 
For the stone statues I do next, I suspect they will not need any sort of base to finish off the statue and could sit on the battle board directly. However, this bronze statue really needed something to sit on. I purchased a couple of wooden plaques/bases to paint in a stone finish. I gave it a light sanding to begin with, then etched some freehand lines into the wood to simulate cut stone, using a ballpoint pen to do so, followed by another light sanding. The stones are not exactly even and some are even cracked where I corrected some errors, but it looks good all the same. To this, I will add some loose gravel and some small pieces of flock and lichen to tie the two pieces together (right now it looks like its just sitting there... which it is – but could look better). 
The bronze statue on the wooden base. Here you can see the etched lines of the stone work,
created with a ball point pen.

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