Monday, January 4, 2016

Gameday in SA!! Hotthammer Hordes of the Things!!

Woo woo! Blaker has set up a game day in San Antonio for January 9, 2016, at Tabletop Gaming Center starting at 12 noon to 6pm.

Rules: Hordes of the Things (HotT)
Theme: Hotthammer (HotT using Warhammer armies)
Army Size: standard 24AP
Scale: 60mm frontage using 28mm minis
Rules: standard HotT with Sh/Wb revision

Per Blake:
"Come play - we got extra armies - we'll teach! Maybe even play a Big Battle to end the day..."

Hotthammer High Elves take on the Undead.

The Undead Horde.
An Empire Army (from Nordland?)

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