Friday, January 29, 2016

COMPLETE: (!!!) Red Racer for Axles & Alloys

Wow ... it's been a loooooooong time since I completed anything to -- COMPLETION. I feel particularly good about this one since it involved a bit of conversion and not just painting and basing. Glued to a 1.5"x3" Litko Aero wooden base, layer of sand glued on top, painted base of Hippo Gray and washed with Devlan Mud and black, then dry brushed lighter gray. Couple of spots of bright green flock for color contrasts with the red.

Red Racer all complete and shown in its final glory below!! Woot!!

Edit: Ok Tony was nice enough to visit this post and expected a little more than just the same car with basing, so I am also posting another WIP I have begun. Calling this one Gun Buggy for the moment ... I have also nearly completed the Sanctioned Car Warrior, however there has been a bit of a twist but I can't show y'all just yet... Anywayz heres Gun Buggy WIP...

Based on Hot Wheels Enforcer. Removed the decals (mostly) with Naphtha; glued wheels and guns in place. Added a GW bit to the device on the back and added a cardstock strap for a dropper device (oil, napalm). Toying with the idea of fenders and big bumpers front and back.


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  2. A good point made on another forum that I will plan better for next time: the plates over the front wheels of the Red Racer would in Real Life™ restrict turning (duh!)... so - plates over back wheels only and disc armor on the front wheels from now on!