Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SHARING: Peeling Dried Glue off Your Hands

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Who would've known all those years ago when we played with Elmer's glue, putting a big gob of it in your hand and letting it dry, peeling it up with some amount of morbid fascination, that it could be put to such awesome use... The old Citadel Spined Dragon is a beauty of a sculpt, one of my all-time favorites, full of character, but the most remarkable thing about it was they just sculpted the spines of its wings to allow you to either leave them the way they came (it is a "spined dragon" after all) or come up with a way to add some convincing, realistically thin wing membranes. Several examples have been done throughout the years (since '86 IIRC), but this one is probably the MOST creative and I just had to share it... enjoy:

Great Spined Dragon - Diorama

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