Friday, February 12, 2016

Axels & Alloys: Gun Buggy Update

The original HW model.
Gun buggy started off as a Hot Wheels Enforcer, with molded-on guns already in place but it looked a little fragile for combat, so this became a big conversion project to customize it and make it look able to absorb more punishment. First I added a front bumper to absorb contact to the front, using cardstock, an expired plastic credit card, and the green plug-stick thang that Starbuck's sticks in your lid so you don't spill your scalding hot coffee on yourself.

Detail showing the bumper, as well as the sprayer device, detailed next.

Enforcer came with a detail on the rear of the storage compartment area that already looked like a sprayer attachment, so I searched for some sort of fuel container-looking bit to put in the storage compartment in the back. Not sure what the bit is as I dug it out of Tabletop Games' bitz box but it's definitely some sort of GW40k plastic. I added a cardstock strap as a fastening device. At this point, the piece that came on the model just wasn't "enough" of a sprayer, so I took some plastic tube scrap and stretched one end of it with a ball point pen to give it a bit of a flare and then superglued it onto the model. The plan is to paint the glass end of the fuel container to look as though it is half full of some caustic liquid, ready to be delivered out the device for any pursuers... (yes, glass... I know its not the most bullet-resistant material known to post-apocalypse man but it'll give me the chance to try my hand at painting a new technique)

Detail of the dropper device off the back, including the nozzle.

As mentioned in a recent post, I had planned on adding fenders front and back because Enforcer's wheels look so big and vulnerable, but in the planning for the front I realized any sort of front fenders would block the guns so I scrapped that idea. I did however, come up with a deflector pattern for the rear wheels to give them some respectable protection from the rear. Cut from credit card plastic and army cards from Arcane Legions, they are a bit too roughly cut to my liking but not enough to tear out and redo. I also added a tube bumper and attachments along with other detailing.

Rear detail showing the deflectors and the tube bumper. 

Next, I added the wheel spikes. I drilled holes in each wheel and added short lengths of wire cut from a paper clip.

A good look at the wheel spikes and the rear details.

The original Enforcer is designed with an open slot in the hood that needed some sort of detail added to it. I had seen someone else's conversion online adding an air intake to their model so I decided thats what Enforcer needed too. The end of an ink container and a short piece of coffee stirrer and there ya' go... 

Enforcer becomes Gun Buggy. A good overall shot showing the various conversions added to it. 

Next I will base it like Red Racer and prime everything black all at once.

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