Friday, February 5, 2016

Axles & Alloys Update: Sanctioned Car Warrior Now Enforcer

So this one I'm pretty stoked about. The Sanctioned Car Warrior I started so long ago is now to a finished enough stage that I feel good posting it finally. I'm very happy how this turned out.

Shiny shiny, just sprayed with varnish. Oooooo nice!
This is actually just a re-paint as I took the original model and glued the wheels and turret in place and did not modify it any further. Once I started painting it up, I noticed the various panels and, influenced by other police models on the various Facebook pages I subscribe to (here and here), decided this would make a cool police-looking vehicle if painted black and white. I added some splashes of color by painting headlamps and tail lights in, and painted just a hint of the brakes in the wheels (noticing I need a bit of touchup once photographed!).

The next step for this one is to try to source some police decals or rummage around for my old Letraset letters (as long as I can revive them LOL) to add some markings to it. After that, I will base it same as Red Racer and weather it. It's very clean looking now, straight from the factory, and I want to add some chipped paint and dust and grime to it.

If you don't care to go back and see the original post, I am showing the Hot Wheels model that I started with here, called "Turbo Turret":
The original Hot Wheels model, Turbo Turret, with the decals removed. 

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