Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hotthammer Game Day

Got to play some Hordes of the Things with our 28mm minis, mostly Warhammer stuff recommissioned into HotT armies ("Hotthammer"), but also some historicals, some plastic Confrontation minis, and some Clan War. I think Mack also had some sort of funky army, composed of something I could not identify from distance (next table over, thats how funky it was); I'll let him comment on it himself. There was a total of 6 of us and everyone got in two games I believe. Ted and Johnnie had to leave but Blake, Grant, Mack and I stuck around long enough to play a a 2v2 match (details and photos below).

The armies I saw used were:
  -Romans (Johnnie)
  -AT43 UNA army (Grant)
  -Undead (Mack)
  -Lion / Clan War army (Ted)
  -Nuln / Empire (Blake)
  -Chaos (Blake)
  -Ostland / Empire (me)
  -Scorpions / Confrontation (me)

I was late to the start but Johnnie was ready to go when I arrived. We played his Romans attacking my Ostlanders, with my troops able to keep the Romans away from the Fortress Tower, protected by a single Ostland knight threatened by 4 elements of Rome's spearmen. Must have been 4 or 5 bounds the Knights fought the Spear, able to take on one column at a time at the edge of the Forest of Shadows, eventually aided by an element of Blade and one of Pistoliers (Riders) to destroy enough Roman elements to win the field. 

Empire troops from Ostland take on invading Romans at the edge of the Forest of Shadows.
Romans (top) are Spear/Blade/Hero/Blade (L to R).
Ostlanders are (4) Spear in front with Swordmasters (Blade) in back.
The valiant Ostland knights (KN) protect the frontier fortress, aided by swordsmen (Blade) in the forest.
Romans are (4) elements of Spear.
Grant and I then squared off, with the victorious Ostlanders taking on his AT43 UNA army in a time-warp matchup. Although the UNA forces lamented their horrible odds costing them the game, the Ostlanders were unable to find much success eventually losing 14-8.

The precarious position of the UNA troops and the Ostlander troops. The Aerial Hero hopped the Empire line and attacked the Spear from the rear, eventually closing in from the front also causing a veritable mess with sliding and conforming. The rulebook was consulted muchly in this game...
UNA Aerial Hero at left (model obscured, smoke plume visible).
Ostland line from top to bottom: (2) Archers (Shooter) / Greatsword General (Blade) / (2) Spear.
UNA from top to bottom: Blade / Paladin / Knight / Blade.
We then played a 2v2 game with Grant and Blake teaming up with the UNA forces allying with a different Empire state from Warhammer, the Nuln army (did UNA get priveleged information from Nuln spies to use against the Ostlanders? hmmmm?). I switched to playing my Scorpion army (Confrontation), and Mack used his Undead (OOP Citadel undead) for this one. Our plan was to use our Magician elements (we each had one) to double up and take out the C-in-C. Though ultimately we did not use the Magicians to do so, the plan worked to perfection as the UNA forces moved headlong towards the middle of our front, while the Nuln forces got bogged down with poor pip rolls early on. 

All told a very fun day, the first time I had an extended game day in probably 2 years. Thanks to all for a good time... Thanks to Blake for setting up the game day, and to my opponents for playing. 


Blake's Chaos army takes on Mack's Undead.
(L to R) Chaos Marauder archers (Shooter) / Conjurer (Magician) / (2) Chaos Warriors (Blade) / Chaos Marauder archers (Shooter).
In the ruins, (3) Undead archers & (1) Undead Duelist stand (Shooters).

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  1. So Mack's funky army was "Mack's Space Invaders army, consisting of eraser invaders on sticks as 20 points of hordes and an airboat." Thanks for the update, Grant...